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Commercial and Diesel Maintenance Plans

Losing power for even a few hours means the loss of productivity and income. Having a commercial power generator in place will ensure your business is safe and can stay open to serve your customers. We offer a comprehensive line of commercial power generation products including Diesel, Gasoline, and Propane powered generators.

Cruz Electrical Corp. also offers you generator Service and Preventive Maintenance packages that ensure your generator and related systems are up and running when you need them most.
We are trained and certified to service brands such as Generac, Kohler, Cummins, GE, Winco, Onan and more!
Our Free “Power Survey” reviews your current electrical systems and identifies all of your key business power needs during an unexpected outage. From our nationally recognized generator lines — Generac Power Systems, Cummins Power Generation, Kohler Power Systems , John deere, Caterpillars, and more!

Inspection and Testing Services we offer-


Inspection Full Service:

Recommended Interval – Every 12 Months (If unit is used for Prime Power, recommend changing oil every 6 months or 300 hours, whichever comes first). Our 74 point inspection covers critical items such as your Engine, Generator and Transfer Switches. This Full Service also includes oil and oil filter replacement, fuel filter replacement and coolant filter replacement (if applicable). Air filters will be checked, but will only be changed if needed.


Inspection Regular:

Recommended Interval – Every 1-3 Months. Our 74 point inspection covers critical items such as your Engine, Generator, and Transfer Switches.


Load Bank Testing:

Recommended Interval – Every 12 Months. This Annual test is REQUIRED for Hospitals and other life support providers if a load of 30% of the generator’s nameplate rating cannot be achieved during the required monthly test. The Optional 2 or 4 hour load bank testing minimizes the potential of issues related to moisture build-up, such as settling of particles in fuel and carbon deposits in the engine. This is not only a recommended test, but per JCAHO and Public Health regulations, is a requirement for facilities providing life support systems, i.e. hospitals and nursing homes.


Coolant System Flush:

Reduces sediment buildup which could cause leaks in your radiator, engine block and water pump that can damage your generator engine.

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